The following information is available to support you in hiring faculty, academic staff and executive management.

Affirmative Action

Access to the Faculty Placement goals application has been removed until further notice. Please direct questions to the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives at 517-353-4563.

Appointment Categories

Academic Ranks / Positions / Titles

Academic Hourly On-Call

Adjunct and Clinical Appointment

Continuing Employment (MSUE)

Deans, Department Chairpersons, School Directors (see Section 2.1)


Executive Management Benefits Summary

Executive Management - Principles and Procedures for Establishing Positions & Titles

Executive Management Principles - Appendix I

Executive Management Principles - Appendix II

Executive Management Principles - Appendix III

Fixed-Term Appointment

FRIB/NSCL Continuing Appointment System

Health Program Appointments

Independent Contractor

Joint Appointment


Librarian Continuous Appointment System

MSU Extension Position Descriptions

On-Call Appointments

Research Associate

Research Faculty

Salary, Appointment, and Faculty Status of Faculty Members who Assume Administrative Responsibilities


Spousal Appointment

Summer Session

Tenure System

Working Retirement Options

Offer Letters

Faculty and Academic Staff Offer Letter Attachments - PDF

Faculty and Academic Staff Offer Letter Attachments - Word

UNTF Model Offer Letter for Designation B Appointment (AY) (Word)

UNTF Model Offer Letter for Designation B Appointment (AN) (Word)

UNTF Model Offer Letter (new AY appointment) (Word)

UNTF Model Offer Letter (new AN Appointment) (Word)

UNTF Model Offer Letter for Summer Appointment (Word)


Academic Year (AY) Appointment Starting Dates

Acting Status Appointment (MSUE)

Agent Flex Time (MSUE)

Appointment Basis

Basic Employment Commitment on an Academic Year Basis

Conflict of Interest in Employment

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal History Check (MSUE)

Degree Verification and Relevant Background Information

Employment of Relatives (MSUE)

Faculty Handbook

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Faculty Status: Reserved for Appointments in Primary Academic Units of the University / Joint Appointment

Health Assessment

Identification Cards

Involuntary Direct Appointments (MSUE)

Moving Expenses

Rescission of Appointment

Residency Policy (MSUE)

Salary Minima


Academic Year Summer Appointment Reference Guide

Academic Hiring Manual

Academic Year Appointment Dates/Conversion Factors

Administrators, Selection of University Level

Employment Procedures - Academic (MSUE)

Executive Management Offer of Appointment Checklist

Faculty Search Handbook

Instructions for completing an I-9 Form for a remote hire

On-Call Appointments

Posting Academic Positions (MSUE)

Racial / Ethnic Identification Definitions

Signing Bonuses

Summer Session Appointment Procedures

Unpaid Faculty & Academic Staff Appointments Attachment A (Word | PDF)

UNTF Designation B Appointment

UNTF Model Non-Renewal Letter (Word)

UNTF Non-Renewal Letter Frequently Asked Questions

UNTF Payroll Deduction Authorization Form