Faculty Handbook


Last updated: 4/5/1991


The following policy was approved by the Board of Trustees on May 18, 1950 and revised on April 5, 1991.

Members of the faculty, academic staff and administrative staff who leave the University with official retirement status are granted certain privileges and the "emeritus" title. For faculty members with the rank of professor, associate professor or assistant professor, the "emeritus" designation is appended to the rank held at the time of retirement, e.g., professor emeritus. For academic staff the title would be librarian emeritus, etc. For administrators whose administrative appointment requires approval by the Board of Trustees and for all executive managers, the emeritus designation, upon approval by the Provost and the President, is appended only to the most senior administrative title held at Michigan State University, which may be held at or prior to the time of retirement, e.g., dean emeritus. The emeritus designation is not normally awarded for administrative titles held on an "acting" basis.

Faculty with the emeritus designation are entitled to attend Academic Senate meetings with voice but without vote; to march in academic processions such as commencement; to receive the MSU News-Bulletin; to avail themselves of the libraries; to receive, on application, a faculty vehicle permit; to represent the University, on appointment, at academic ceremonies of other institutions; and, in general, to take part in the social and ceremonial functions of the University.

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