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Return of the Student Excess Hours Report

Human Resources will be returning to the practice of running the Student Excess Hours report each payroll cycle effective Thursday, September 17. The student excess hours report identifies student employees who work in excess of the 29 hours per week they are allowed to work for MSU during the academic year. For international students, the limit on working hours is 20 per week. Because student employees are allowed to work more hours during summers, this report typically is not run during the summer months but resumes with the start of the academic year.  

Students who are employed by MSU more than the 29-hour-per-week work rule allows will receive an email to their MSU NetID email address informing them they have exceeded the allowable number of work hours. A copy of the notice also will be emailed to the MSU NetID addresses of their supervisor and to any individual listed in the HR/Payroll system as a delegate approver for the supervisor.

It is important for student employees and their employing units to be aware that if a student employee is identified as exceeding allowable work hours on three separate occasions, the student’s employment will be terminated by MSU Human Resources and they must remain off MSU payroll for three consecutive pay periods. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the HR Solutions Center at 517-353-4434 or

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