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Faculty & Academic Staff Pay, Rewards & Recognition

Pay Policies & Practices

Additional Work for Pay (MSUE)
Compensatory Time for Librarians
Health Programs Faculty Salaries
Market Adjustments, Faculty
Medical Service Plan for Colleges of Human & Osteopathic Medicine
FRIB/NSCL Annual Review and Salary Determination
Out of Cycle Base Salary Increases
Outside Work for Pay / Consulting - Faculty
Outside Work for Pay / Consulting - MSUE
Outside Work for Pay / Consulting - NSCL
Outside Work for Pay / Consulting - Specialists
Overload Pay
Salary Adjustment for Conferral of a Degree (MSUE)
Salary Adjustment Guidelines, Academic
Salary Adjustment Guidelines, UNTF
Salary Minima, Faculty
Salary Minima, Specialist
Salary of Faculty Members who Assume Administrative Responsibility
Signing Bonuses
Special Merit Pay
Additional Payments Form
Information about the form
Change of Status (EBS Portal - Unit Administrator Form)
Outside Work for Pay / Overload Pay
Information about the form
W-4 and other tax forms (Tax forms are completed in EBS portal )

Rewards and Recognition Programs

Academic Retirement Luncheon
Distinguished Academic Staff Awards
Excellence in Diversity Awards
Excellence in Teaching Citation for Graduate Teaching Assistants
MSU Alumni Club of Mid-Michigan Quality in Undergraduate Teaching Awards
MSU Teacher-Scholar Awards
Outreach Scholarship Community Partnership Award
Service Recognition Reception for Faculty and Academic Staff
Tenure / Promotion Recognition Dinners
University Distinguished Professor
William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Award

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