Getting Tiles

Tiles in the EBS Portal are granted based on security roles. 

  • The Employee Self-Service role is automatically granted based on a person's employment status, beginning on the first day of work. (If your hire is not completed prior to your first day, tiles will show the morning after your hire has been processed in HR.)
  • Other roles require an Access Request Memorandum (ARM) form in order to be granted access.

Tiles Everyone Has

However, the following tiles are available to anyone who can log into the EBS Portal. Though all employees have two tiles for HR, what, if any, data shows is dependent on having proper security roles.

  • HR/Payroll Inbox
  • HR Forms Workflow Report
  • Non-Stock Orders (Open Orders)
  • U-Track

New Employees

Common Issues

If the process to hire you has NOT been completed and you attempt to log into the EBS Portal, any of the cases below may happen. 

  • The above tiles are the ONLY tiles you see when logging into the EBS Portal
  • You receive the message "Not Authorized"
  • You are prompted for a second login (example below)Example of Authentication Required message

What to Do?

Contact the department that is hiring you to see the status of your hire. Security roles are not granted until the night AFTER your hire has been both approved by the hiring unit and processed by Human Resources, and are not effective until your start date. If the processing of your hire was delayed, then the roles will not be granted until after your start date (that is, the night when your hire is finally processed).

If the hiring process is completed and you still have the issue, have your department check to make sure the MSU NetID you are using matches that on your personnel record. Corrections are facilitated through the Identity Management Office, which is contacted via the MSU IT Services Desk.