Required Training

All support staff and those who supervise support staff are to take an online class to learn about the Performance Excellence process and related requirements. There is a class for supervisors and a class for employees; each is approximately 35 minutes in length. The class will review the process and the skills needed to carry it out effectively.

Participants will be asked to answer two questions after each learning topic in the course, and to complete a 12-question test at the end of the course. An average score of 75% is needed for the training to be considered complete. The average score takes into consideration the questions at the end of each topic area, as well as the final test at the end of the course. The test can be retaken as necessary. Scores and course attempts will not be viewable by others. A certificate showing successful completion can be printed.

The online class is now available and can be accessed through elevateU.

elevate u online training 24/7

To access the online class:

Log in to the EBS portal, click on the My Career & Training tab, then click on the elevateU tile. You can access the courses directly from the home page of elevateU or go to Browse the Library, then Performance Excellence. Click “Launch” when you are ready to take the class. A tutorial is available providing tips for navigating the course player.
(If link does not open, copy this address and paste into a new browser window.)

If you are unable to access EBS, you can also utilize elevateU through this link. You will be asked to provide your NetID and password.