Performance Excellence Process

Performance excellence process wheel

Performance Planning

At the beginning of every cycle, the supervisor and employee hold a discussion to plan for the coming year. This discussion should include the following:

  • Unit needs for the coming year (preferably tied to departmental strategic goals and applicable university initiatives)
  • Employee development interests and unit needs
  • Goal setting
  • Development planning
  • Completion of the Performance Planning Form, which is then sent to MSU Human Resources

This step is the foundation of Performance Excellence and helps to assure that all are on the same page with clear expectations.

Continuous Feedback, Coaching and Development

Throughout the performance year, there should be ongoing conversations between the supervisor and the employee regarding the degree to which expectations are being met. This includes the following:

  • Recognition for areas in which the employee is performing well
  • Coaching around areas that need additional improvement or when learning a new skill
  • Check-ins regarding progress on goals and development plan
  • Questions that the employee may have regarding his or her progress
  • Idea sharing regarding changing needs

This continuous feedback has the focus of ongoing development, which serves both the individual and the university. Employees should have opportunities during the year to enhance their skills, be it through formal training, coaching, peer support, or other means.

Annual Performance Review

This is the formal assessment of the performance over the past year. This meeting is a two-way discussion which provides an opportunity to review the following:

  • accomplishments
  • goals achieved
  • development opportunities completed
  • areas in need of additional improvement

There should be no surprises at this meeting, given that feedback has occurred throughout the year. It is truly a summary of the discussions that have occurred. This step is finalized by completing the Annual Review form, including an indication of the employee's overall performance level for the year. There are four performance levels to choose from: Does not Meet Expectations, Developing, Meets Expectations and Exceeds Expectations. There will also be space for commentary from both the supervisor and the employee. The signed Annual Review form is then sent to MSU Human Resources.