Employee Guide to Preparing for Your Planning Discussion

Participating in a Performance Planning Discussion with your supervisor is a foundational part of the Performance Excellence process and a key to building a high-performance workforce. This meeting may occur directly following your Performance Review Discussion or within 30 days of your review. The purpose of the meeting is to clarify priorities and expectations for the coming year, to set goals and to agree upon development opportunities that you will complete. The goals will include unit or department business needs and may also incorporate your related interests or career goals.

Your active participation in the process is essential to assuring that the goals and development plan are meaningful to you and your supervisor. Adequate preparation can help to assure that your perspective is fully considered.

Tips to prepare for this meeting:

  • Think about specific business needs of the unit and ideas for improvement that you might need to either further enhance or learn new skills in order to continue to be successful.
  • What are your strengths and areas of needed improvement?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What is the number one thing you do to help your unit/department achieve its goals?
  • What are your short term career goals (1-3 years)?
  • Long term career goals (3+ years)?
  • Write down your ideas for goals you could set and training or other development opportunities you think would be helpful.
  • Identify what, if any, job responsibilities have changed in the past year that need to be updated in your internal job description.

Come prepared to have a collaborative conversation that can yield benefits for you, your department and MSU.