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On-Call and Temporary Hiring

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1585 Temporary Hire/End Date Form - To track end dates of temporary assignments, changes in employment status and breaks in service.

1585 Temporary & On-Call Vacancies

Criminal Background Check Authorization Form

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Extension of Clerical/Technical Temporary Appointment Form

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Temporary Hiring System

Self-Service Temporary Hiring- for MSU Hiring Managers Only

Departments also can choose to manage the temporary employee hiring process independently through the EBS Portal. To process a temporary employee hire through the EBS Portal, an individual with an appropriate role in the unit, such as Unit Administrator, would initiate the hire.

Our self-service option is a good choice for units that want to handle their own candidate selection, hiring process, time entry and payroll processing for their temporary employee(s). If you have questions related to hiring a temporary employee through the EBS Portal, contact: