Role Groups Link Title Note
Everyone Enterprise Business Systems Non-Stock Orders (Open Orders)  
Everyone Enterprise Business Systems U-Track  
Everyone My Approvals & Workflow HR/Payroll Inbox  
Fund Approver My Approvals & Workflow HR Forms Workflow Report The MSU NetID of the employee must also be entered into the workflow table for the relevant employee types and organizational units.
Fund Approver My Approvals & Workflow Org. Workflow Table  
Fund Approver My Approvals & Workflow Pay Change & Cost Redistribution Activity  
Fund Approver My Approvals & Workflow Email Preferences for Workflow  
Time Entry Specialists Actions Enter Employee Time Time Entry Specialists must also have the proper organizational units listed on the ARM form.
Labor Distribution Reports Labor Distribution  
Staffing Coordinator Enterprise Business, Systems and Actions Applicant Tracking System This tile shows to all employees who could potentially be on a staffing committee, including: ESS Salary, CT, Faculty, Hourly, Graduate Student, Student Employee and No Pay.