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Your role as a supervisor is a very important to ensure the success of The Spartan Experience. This toolkit provides easy-to-use worksheets that can help you and your team to bring The Spartan Experience to life in your unit.

Spartan Experience Packet - The packet of worksheets can be 20-minute discussions per page to involve staff in setting standards and clear expectations for sustaining a culture of service in your department/unit. The packet encompasses the components for The Spartan Experience. Print pages as you need them.

The Spartan Experience Commitment Poster - This is a summary of each component of The Spartan Experience. The team completes the statements together and then sign their commitment to the principles of customer service. Supervisors can obtain a poster to post in a common area as a reminder of the team's commitment. Contact Carrie Galdes at for a poster.

Register for The Spartan Experience classes on the EBS Portal .

For more information or assistance in facilitating sessions, help with metrics, sustaining success in your culture or other ideas, please contact Carrie Galdes, .