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UNTF Salary Adjustment Guidelines

July 24, 2018


TO:              Deans, Directors, and Chairpersons
FROM:        June Youatt, Provost
SUBJECT:   Academic Human Resources Salary Adjustment Guidelines for the Union of Non-tenure Track Faculty (UNTF) Bargaining Unit – 2018-19

As negotiated in the collective bargaining agreement, a 1.50 percent general merit pool has been approved for the UNTF effort for those in the Union of Non­tenure Track Faculty (UNTF) bargaining unit on October 1, 2018. A web-based raise application will be available for entering raises on Monday, August 13 and will close on Thursday, August 30. Increases will be effective on October 1, 2018.

Merit Basis 

Raises will be distributed on the basis of merit. The UNTF contract provides:

  • All salary adjustments will be based 100% on merit. Individual adjustments will vary based on academic unit merit determination.
  • Any adjustments shall be made in accordance with applicable departmental/school/ college bylaws or guidelines for distribution of merit increases.

As a reminder, UNTF bargaining unit members who have successive appointments only for fall semesters shall be included in the merit pool.

Guidelines for distribution of salary adjustments on the basis of merit will be developed at the unit level. The UNTF contract provides the following language with respect to performance evaluation, which should be the basis for merit determinations:

  • Each academic unit is responsible for establishing and communicating current procedures and criteria for annual reviews to evaluate teaching performance of employees for purposes of merit and reappointment consideration. If an academic unit adds or amends established performance criteria, the employees shall only be evaluated on those additions or amendments from the date of the change forward.
  •  An academic unit may use an advisory committee for annual reviews.
  •  The employing unit will determine the criteria for, the manner of, and the employee's responsibilities in the review process. These must be consistent with commonly accepted standards within the employing unit for evaluating these categories of work. Documentation of teaching performance may include, but is not limited to: teaching portfolios, student ratings and commentary, syllabi, course materials, personal narrative, and classroom observation. Units are encouraged to use multiple sources of information in the review process when multiple sources are available. 
  • Written performance reviews shall be conducted at least once per year.  A copy of the written review shall be provided to the employee.
  • If an evaluation is not completed within the appropriate timeline, the employee shall be assumed to be performing without cause for concern. Upon request an appropriate unit administrator, or designee, shall discuss the review with the employee.
  • The Employee will have an opportunity to submit supporting material and/or a response to the evaluation. A copy of the evaluation and any accompanying material will be placed in the Employee's personnel file.

No faculty/academic staff member is entitled to a merit increase based simply on meeting assignments; quality and impact of the performance must be the basis for the decision along with quantity of work.  

Adjustments should be based fully on merit.

A decision to make no salary adjustment or a very low salary adjustment to an otherwise eligible individual may result from merit considerations. Deans are not required to submit written explanations of the rationale for any merit-based salary adjustment decision, but documentation (process and related individual documents) should be retained in the appropriate administrative office.

Control Totals

Control totals established for merit increases must be fully distributed within the MAU.

Minimum Salary Levels

Minimum salary levels for designated groups have been updated for the 2018-19 period and should apply generally.

The following minima will apply to faculty in the UNTF bargaining unit.

Minimum Salary Guidelines (2018-19)

Faculty Rank/Academic Position Academic Year Annual Year
Lecturer $35,000 $42,778
Assistant Instructor $35,000 $42,778
Instructor $35,000 $42,778
Specialist - Teacher $35,000 $42,778
Specialist - Advisor $35,000 $42,778
Specialist - Curriculum Development $35,000 $42,778
Assistant Professor $45,000 $55,000
Associate Professor $50,231 $61,394
Professor $61,859 $75,605