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Pageup Layout Updates

Staring on October 3, when you login to the PageUp applicant tracking system, you will see updates to the layout of a couple key areas. PageUp is providing these enhancements to improve the user experience and make it easier for you to see and get to the information you need. These enhancements include:

  • My Dashboard - the look of this screen will change from the colored bubble dashboard you see today, to a tile layout similar to what you are used to seeing in the EBS Portal. No items are being removed from the dashboard listing, and the tiles will still show counts for each area.
  • My Jobs - this screen is adding visual enhancements to make it easier to look through your entire job listing. The drop-down filter option you use today is changing; you will be able to click on the particular heading you wish to filter by. PageUp is also modifying the filtering button at the top to allow you to sort jobs by all, current or non-current versus a drop-down list.