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Using the Electronic I-9 System

No, it is not necessary to print out this page; any verifier with access to the unit will be able to check the I-9 online at any time.

If employee has not started working, then notify the employee that original, unexpired documentation must be provided within three business days of the date of hire. The employee's start date can be changed at any time in the electronic I-9 system. Search for the employee and click the blue link in the Employee Detail Page that reads "Change Employment Date." If the employee has already started working, the employee should be terminated and rehired when the employee provides the proper documentation. The new employment/rehire date must be corrected in Section 3 of the I-9 system and a detailed explanation of the situation must be provided in the comments section ( see adding comments documentation ).

Yes, paper I-9s will continue to be accepted until all units have been trained and have access to the electronic I-9 system. After that date, paper I-9s will only be accepted in circumstances in which an electronic form cannot be completed, such as for a remote hire, out-of-state hire, etc. When a paper I-9 is the best or only option, the verifier must type all information from the paper I-9 into the system and upload the paper I-9 ( see uploading paper I-9s documentation ). Once successfully uploaded, the paper I-9 and the local scanned copy of the I-9 should be destroyed.

 Yes, departments can ask an employee to provide the Social Security Number, but  cannot require  that the employee provide the Social Security Number or Card for this purpose. Verifiers can always search for a person by name.
If an employee changes positions, departments, or has been rehired within 1 year of termination then the employee should have an I-9 already on file. The department can check the system to determine if an I-9 is on file, however if the employee was employed in another department, the verifier may not have access to the I-9. If the employer or employee believes an I-9 should be on file contact the Human Resources at  or 517-353-4434. 

Note: If the employee already has a valid I-9 in the system and completes Section 1, when the verifier logs in to complete Section 2 the Duplicate SSN page will prompt the verifier to select if this is the "Same" or "Different" employee. If the new I-9 is for the same employee, click Same, enter rehire date, and continue to complete Section 2. If it not the same person, select "different" and process the I-9 as a regular new hire.
Yes, the electronic I-9 system will provide the new employee with the List of Acceptable Documents upon completion of Section 1. Either one List A document or one from both List B and List C must be provided to the verifier within three business days of the first date of hire.
The new employee will not get an email with the List of Acceptable Documents. The list can be printed from the electronic I-9 system after the employee fills out Section 1. If necessary, the employee or the verifier can refer to the  List of Acceptable Documents  on the HR website. Departments can also keep an electronic or hard copy of the List of Acceptable Documents for reference.
If the verifier's user role has I-9 viewing capability (Note: the only role that cannot view existing I-9s is the District Manager role), the verifier can see all I-9s within the location to which the user has access.

Hiring units are responsible for timely completing both sections of the Form I-9 for all individuals employed in their unit. The Form I-9 may be completed up to six months prior to the hire date, as long as an offer of employment has been accepted. We recommend units complete the Form I-9 for all employee types as soon as the date of hire is known.

The risk of committing a Form I-9 violation greatly decreases when units are able to timely and accurately complete Section 2. Some units rely on MSU Human Resources to complete the Form I-9 during orientation for new support staff members, provided the employee has the necessary documentation with him/her at that time. However, we strongly discourage this practice due to an increased risk of untimeliness in completing the Form I-9.

This may happen if the employee entered data incorrectly. Try searching for the employee with last name only, then with the last name in the first name field, and by Social Security Number. 

If the verifier is still unable to find the new employee I-9, the error is most likely due to an incorrect location being selected to which the verifier does not have access. Please contact Human Resources at  or 517-353-4434 for assistance with this issue.