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Fixing errors and common issues in the electronic I-9 System

If the department is hiring a number of individuals at an off-campus site, someone at that site should have access to the electronic I-9 system. If this is not possible, an MSU employee can prepare a paper I-9. The paper I-9 would then be uploaded into the electronic I-9 system and all information on the I-9 must be typed into the system manually. If an MSU employee is not available or not authorized to do this, another institution or a notary may be willing to complete the I-9 on our behalf. If this option is used, MSU is responsible for any I-9 completed by another party on the university's behalf.

This case is most common for academic/faculty hires. Section 1 must still be completed on or before the employee's date of hire (appointment date) and Section 2 must be completed within 3 business days of hire. If the employee is not able to complete Section 2 within three business days, refer to other options in question 1.

Notaries cannot complete an electronic I-9 in the electronic I-9 system system. If a notary is willing to complete Section 2 of an I-9 it must be completed on a paper form. Once the I-9 is completed and sent to MSU, the department will manually enter the information from the paper I-9 then scan and upload the paper I-9 into the electronic I-9 system (see  Uploading Paper I-9s documentation ).

No, upload the I-9 into electronic I-9 system. After confirming the document loaded properly, shred the I-9 and all supporting documentation.
a. As long as Section 2 has not been completed the I-9 will stay in the pending folder for 180 days. After 180 days, the I-9 will be systematically purged. 

b. If the employee terminates before the I-9 is completed, a verifier can search for the employee and check the "Terminated Before Completing I-9" box which will remove that form systematically.
Employers/verifiers cannot verify an employee's Social Security Number unless the employee presents a Social Security Card as a supporting document. The SSN and name should be checked for accuracy in Section 1 of the electronic I-9 form. Verifiers/departments cannot  require that an employee show the Social Security Card if the employee does not choose it as a supporting document. Employees must be allowed to bring in any unexpired, original document from the List of Acceptable Documents. If the employee chooses to provide a Social Security Card, the verifier must check the Social Security Number entered in the online system to ensure that it matches. If the Social Security Card is not provided, the Social Security Number will automatically be checked through payroll on a bi-weekly basis. Note: on paper I-9s the Social Security Number is not required, but the Social Security Number is required in the electronic I-9 system if it is available. If the SSN will be or has been applied for, the employee must check the "SSN Applied For" box.
The employee must check the "SSN Applied For" box in Section 1 of the I-9 form. Checking this box puts that employee's I-9 in the "SSN Applied For" folder in the quick search box. The verifier will need to follow up within 90 days of the employment date to add the Social Security Number.  Note:  In this situation the employee is not required to show the Social Security Card, only to provide the Social Security Number, so the employer cannot require the SSC to be produced.
No, the employee can complete an I-9 and start working without a Social Security Card/Number as long as the employee will or already has applied for one. If the employee has or will be applying for a SSC/SSN they must check the box next to "SSN Applied For" when completing Section 1 of the I-9. The employee then must provide the SSN within 90 days of the first day of employment. 
A Social Security Card with that notation or similar content  cannot be used as a supporting document for an I-9 . If the card is presented the employer should verify that the employee's name and SSN is correct as it is stated on the card, but again, this document cannot be used as a supporting document. If the employee has a card with that notation, the employee is most likely an Alien Authorized to Work and will likely need to show List A documents. However, the department cannot tell the employee to show List A documents, but can indicate List A documents are common for Aliens Authorized to Work. 
If the back of the Social Security Card says "not valid if laminated" then the document cannot be accepted. Metal or plastic reproductions of Social Security Cards are also not acceptable.
  1. Select "Search For Employee"
  2. Use the employee's name as it was previously entered in the system to search for the employee record
  3. Click the employee's name link; this will display the Employee Detail page
  4. Click the "Section 3" button toward the bottom of the page
  5. Follow the instructions to complete Section 3
  6. Add a comment by returning to the Employee Detail page and clicking the "Comment" button near the bottom of the page
  7. Give a detailed explanation of the correction