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staffing coordinator COMPASS faqs

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are intended for those completing the hiring process within the COMPASS system, which closes on November 1, 2017.

Logging On

How do I set up a Guest User?

Every posting will be set up with a Guest User userID and password.  The Staffing Coordinator can look up this password on the Guest User tab and disseminate it to those who need access to the applicant list and credentials. This Guest User ID/password is valid only for one posting.  Different postings will have different ID/password combinations. The URL for accessing the Guest User Login Screen is:

What do I do if I forgot my password?

The password for Staffing Coordinators is their MSU Net ID.  If you forget this password it is necessary to contact ATS to reset your Net ID.  You can go to their web site at

Job Posting

How will I know when my staffing request gets posted?

A system generated email will be sent to the Staffing Coordinator from HR when the job is approved for posting.

How can I find the posted requirements of the position when I am looking at a resume?

From the applicant list, click on the Posting Details tab to view the posted requirements.

Why haven't I been receiving any e-mails notifying me of the status of my posting?

COMPASS uses your MSU NetID e-mail address.  If you have a departmental e-mail address, you may want to forward your MSU e-mail to that address (For assistance please view the MSUIT Knowledgebase Article 403239.

How do we cancel a posting we no longer want to fill?

If it should be necessary to cancel a posting, Staffing Coordinators should contact the HR representative who will cancel the posting upon request from the department.

How will I know when I have all the applicants on the applicant list after the posting closes?

Within a few days after the posting has closed on the external posting or the internal posting, if not posted externally, the final list of applicants will be available.


Who am I required to interview?

You may want to review the Interview/Selection Requirements tab on the left side navigation bar.  Interview requirements vary by bargaining unit.  If you are uncertain or need additional help, contact the HR representative.

Do I have to interview the candidates in the order they are listed on the applicant list?

For some bargaining units candidates must be interviewed in seniority order.  Please refer to the Interview/Selection Requirements tab or contact the HR representative.

Can I enter two interview dates for an applicant if I conduct a second interview with the candidate?

Yes, separate multiple interview dates using a semi colon or comma when updating the applicant status.

What if I know a person applied for my job but they do not appear on my applicant list?

If they have applied for the position but do not appear on the applicant list, it means either they have not yet been screened by HR or they have been screened and found not qualified.

Will I be able to see the names of applicants who applied but who HR screened as "not qualified"?

No, those applicants screened as "not qualified" will not be seen by the hiring department.

Can a search be done from the applicant database to add additional resumes to the applicant list?

Since all applicants will have to apply for each position they want to be considered for, we cannot do an applicant search and add resumes to the applicant list.  We can however generate an e-mail to those applicants who have indicated an interest in similar jobs.  The e-mail would inform them of the opening and invite them to apply if they are interested.

Can I change the status of more than one applicant at a time?

Yes, on the applicant list click on All/None next to the status tab, or select individual applicants, then select the Change Multiple Applicant Statuses near the bottom of the page.

Can we add an applicant after the internal/external closing dates?

Additional applicants may not be added to the list once the posting closes. Contact the HR representative for questions.

Can we add an external applicant if it is only open to internal applicants?

External applicants may not be added if the posting is only open to internal applicants. If the bargain unit contract provisions allow, an external applicant can be added by opening the posting to the public for a minimum of three business days. Contact the HR representative for assistance.

How can I find out the current salaries of the applicants on my list?  How can I find their current job title and grade level?

The applicant's current position may be listed on their resume; however, Staffing Coordinators will need to contact the HR representative if salary information is needed.

How do I print a copy of the applicant list?

From the reports list at the top of the applicant list, select Applicant List-Staffing Coordinator.  View and select file/print.

How long will COMPASS store applications and resumes?


Making the Offer

Is there a way I can verify the diversity of an applicant pool ?

Information on the diversity of an applicant pool is limited to the Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives and Human Resources.

If I select someone for hire and change their status, is it necessary that I change the status of those not selected?

It will be necessary to change the status of candidates not selected.  This can be done after the offer has been accepted or at the time the hiring recommendation is made to HR.  If there is a possibility that the offer may not be accepted, it may be best to wait to change the statuses of the non-selected candidates until an offer has been accepted.

What if I do not know the exact start date when completing the hiring recommendation, can I leave it blank?

This is a required field and must be completed at the time of making a hiring recommendation.  If it is later changed, this field can be edited when indicting the offer has been accepted.

What do I do if the offer I extended is declined?

If the offer is declined, update the applicant status for the applicant to offer refused. If there is a second choice on the applicant list, begin a new hiring recommendation with that candidate.  If there are no other suitable candidates on the applicant list, contact the HR representative to re-open the posting.