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Information about the Specialist Position Description form

The Specialist Position Description form is used when an academic staff member is newly appointed to a specialist position, or when the duties of a position change.

NOTE: The "Unit Evaluation Procedures for Specialists" which is a required attachment for appointments of academic specialists is not a form. Each unit which hires a specialist is required to have written unit evaluation procedures for the review of specialists and it is a copy of those unit procedures to which the "Unit Evaluation Procedures for Specialists" refers.

(Current form = SPD1199)   White)

Percentage of time devoted to each duty: Percents should add to 100%. The percents on the TOTAL line must be consistent with the detail percents listed under numbers 1 through 5. Percents must match those on the Academic Position Request form, and Fixed Term Faculty/Academic Staff Appointment/Reappointment memo.

Routing: Follows the routing of the Academic Position Request form or Appointment/Reappointment form to which it is attached.