elevateu faqs

All active, non-project paid faculty, academic staff and support staff, including hourly paid temporary employees are eligible to utilize elevateU at no charge, compliments of MSU Human Resources and MSU IT.

Approach this like any other class, book or video. Have a conversation with your supervisor about the best way to handle professional development efforts. Looking up something in a book or watching a 5 minute video doesn’t take much time and might help you do your job better. If you plan to take a longer class, check with your supervisor about time, unit coverage, etc, just as you would if going to an instructor led class off site.

In EBS you will select the elevateU link under My Career and Training. If the portal happens to be down, you can access directly through this link:

In the My Progress tab, you will find two main tabs at the top: In Progress and Completed. If you go to the Completed tab you will find a list of all courses you completed and tested at 75% or better. There you will also be able to print a certificate by clicking on the red ribbon. You can also go to the top right of the screen and click on Print Report to get documentation of all courses you have completed. You can also choose to print all courses that are in progress but not yet completed.

Use Search and Learn located at the top of the  elevateU  page 

1. Type a keyword into the search-and-learn text box at the top of the page.
2. Verify the category of content you want to search.
3. Click on Search.

The SEARCH AND LEARN engine ranks all search results not only by the number of occurrences of the search term, but also by their location. Results found in titles and headings are given greater weight than occurrences in the body of the text. Not only are search results listed in relevant order, but sections and topics within each course, book, or simulation are also relevancy ranked. You may specify words or phrases alone (phrases are words enclosed in quotation marks) or grouped in Boolean combinations (Boolean operators are AND, OR, NOT). The search engine is not case sensitive.

It can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to several hours. Choose the mode of learning that fits the time and learning need you have.  Click here  for a complete listing of options and timeframes.

On the left sidebar you will see a tab labeled My Development Plan. You can drag any items into that My Plan to review later. Or, when you viewing the description of the asset, directly under the title you can click on the folder icon to add it to your plan. To organize your finds, you can create folders and label them as you see fit.

The Course Curricula is the complete list of courses and simulations available through elevateU. Since this library holds thousands of titles and can be a bit cumbersome, we also created the MSU Highlighted Programs catalog to make it easier to find some of the topics that might be most relevant to MSU staff and faculty. All of these courses are also in the full catalog. Check out both options and use whatever you prefer.
Online learning provides a convenient professional development option that actually takes less time away from work than going off site to an instructor led class. Discuss with your staff any parameters you have regarding usage. For instance, you might want to have staff schedule time and clear it with you if taking an hour long class. This informs you of what they are working on and allows planning for coverage in the unit. You can also ask to see a certificate of completion for any courses taken. As always, the bottom line is whether or not the person is getting their work done and developing professionally. If they frequent online learning to expand their skills and are still completing their work on time, it is a win-win.
Community is an optional social network for those using elevateU. It allows you to share information about resources that you find valuable and find colleagues who have similar interests to see what books and courses they recommend.
There are courses, simulations, videos, books and more.  Click here  for a complete listing.
elevateU  is a great supplement to instructor led training and other tools. It is accessible 24/7 and the resources vary in the length of time they take to complete. You can stop a course at any time and it will be bookmarked for you, you can go back and look at something again as often as you’d like, and there are written materials to support your learning. elevateU provides a flexible alternative to meet your development needs in a practical way.
Audio versions of complete books are not available, but you can access audio versions of many Executive Book Summaries.

Yes! Mobile learning is now available for elevateU. Resources can be accessed anywhere, anytime using the Skillsoft Learning App for Android and iOS devices. Key features include videos, mobile-ready courses, books and audio executive book summaries. Featured content is based on your chosen areas of interest, and you can bookmark and organize your favorite content through the “My Favorites” tab. Note, you cannot take tests on your mobile app; therefore, to get a completion on a class you must go back to the class on your PC or laptop to take the test and finalize the class.

To download the Skillsoft Learning App:
1. Search for “Skillsoft Learning App” in your phone/tablet’s app store;
2. Download and open the app;
3. Under Skillport Name, enter “elevateU” as the sitename; and
4. Enter your MSU NetID and password.

When on Books 24/7, click the Account Info tab above and to the right of the search bar. Then on the left sidebar under Settings you will see Email Options. There you will be able to select the type of email notifications you would like to get from the site, including new title announcements. Note that once you get the email lists, you will not be able to access the books directly by clicking on the link unless you are signed in to  elevateU  or know your group code (found in your Account Info).
Yes! Running elevateU on a Mac requires 3 things: the latest Java software installed, the latest Adobe Flash software installed, and an updated version of Safari.
Run a systems check at  http://browser.skillport.com/bh/default.asp  
You will need to enter your email address to get a response.
Occasionally, having other applications open on the desktop can affect course performance. It is recommended that you close all non-essential applications when playing courses.
Do you use McAfee VirusScan Version 4.x or higher, and do you use VShield with Download Scan set to Scan All Files? This has been found to slow the download of the Java Applet when starting the course. You can set VShield's Download Scan setting to Scan Program Files Only instead of Scan All Files.
Be sure that your pop-up blocker is turned off when using this site. If you are on FireFox and your Java has been updated, look next to the URL for an icon that looks like a lego block. Click this and it will allow you to authorize the use of Java. Additional troubleshooting information is available at https://documentation.skillsoft.com/en_us/support/#topics/support_for_learners/troubleshooting_issues/spt_course_launch.htm.
There are options for email, telephone and live chat support directly from Skillsoft (the elevateU vendor) at this link:  http://support.skillsoft.com/ . You may also be able to get help from your unit IT professional if you need updates, such as Java.