Faculty Handbook

Services & Opportunities

Listed below are some of the services and opportunities which are widely used by faculty and academic staff.
Service/Opportunity University Office Telephone 1
Emergencies Department of Police and Public Safety 911 or 355-2221
Art Kresge Art Museum 355-7631
Benefits Human Resources 353-4434
Bookstore MSU Bookstore 355-3450
Chapel Alumni Memorial Chapel 355-3464
Child Care Spartan Village Center 353-5154
  Child and Family Care Resources 432-3745
Nursery School Laboratory Preschool, Family Ecology 355-1900
Computer Services Academic Computing & Network Services 432-6200
Credit Union MSU Federal Credit Union 353-2280
Dining On-Campus International Center 355-4550
  Kellogg Center 432-4000
  Union 355-3492
  Owen Graduate Center 355-5007
Disability Accommodations/Services Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities 353-9642
Faculty Folk Club Faculty Folk Club Phone directory
Gardens Beal Botanical Garden 355-9582
  Hidden Lake Gardens 431-2060
  Kellogg Biological Station 800-404-1910
  MSU Horticultural Demonstration Gardens 355-0348
Grievance Faculty Grievance and Dispute Resolution Office 353-8884
Health Care Clinical Center 353-3000
Hotel Services Kellogg Center 432-4000
Housing On-Campus University Apartments 355-9550
Housing Off-Campus Student Affairs and Svcs 355-8303
  University Housing https://rhs.msu.edu/
Library Services Library 353-8700
Lost and Found Union Building 355-3497
Media Services Instructional Media Ctr 353-3918
Minority Organizations Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives 353-3922
Museum Museum 355-2370
Music College of Music 353-5340
Newspapers Fac./Staff News Bulletin 355-2285
  State News 355-3447
Parking - Vehicle, Bicycle Department of Police and Public Safety 355-8440
Payroll Payroll Office 355-5010
Performing Arts Wharton Center 432-2000
Personal Assistance Employee Assist. Prgms 355-4506
Planetarium Abrams Planetarium 355-4672
Printing Services MSU Printing Services 355-6610
Psychological Clinic Psychological Clinic 355-9564
Publishing Services MSU Press 355-9543
Radio WKAR AM and FM Radio 355-6540
Recreation and Sports Athletic Ticket Office 355-1610
  Forest Akers Golf Crs 355-1635
  Intramural Sports/Recreative Serv. 355-5250
  Union Building 355-3460
Research Services Research Development 355-0306
    Animal Care
Laboratory Animal Care Service 353-5064
Radiation, Chem., Biological 355-0153
Television WKAR TV 355-2300
Transportation Physical Plant Automotive Services 353-5280
University Club University Club 353-5111
University Relations Public Relations Office 353-7958
Women's Organizations Women's Resource Center 353-1635


Telephone numbers are occasionally changed; please verify the number listed in the Faculty Staff Directory