Faculty Handbook

Use of Animals in Research, Teaching, and Outreach


The use of animals in research, teaching, and outreach activities is subject to state and federal laws and guidelines. University policy specifies that:

Responsibility for assuring compliance with state and federal regulations belongs to the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies. The Vice President has designated the Assistant Vice President for Research Ethics and Standards to be the "Institutional Official" as defined in federal regulations.

The IACUC works closely with the Institutional Official, and has responsibility and authority under federal law for specific actions.

Project directors are responsible for the humane treatment of animals under their supervision, and for adherence to applicable University, state, and federal regulations. Faculty members planning to use live vertebrate animals for any University-related activity must submit an animal use form (AUF) to the IACUC for review, or request an exemption from the Committee Chairperson and receive approval, prior to the start of the project, regardless of the source of funding for the project. The AUF can be obtained from IACUC; the completed form should include complete descriptions of experimental protocols, plans for animal care, available facilities, and any other matters relevant to the project. Some granting agencies require review and approval of the AUF before a grant application will be processed. An agency-approved grant will not be accepted by the Board of Trustees, nor will an account number be assigned, unless the AUF has been approved by the IACUC or an exemption has been granted.

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