Continuing Appointment System of FRIB-NSCL

06. Probationary Appointments in the CA System

6.1. Probationary appointments normally precede the granting of continuing appointment status.

6.2. Engineer (FRIB/NSCL), Physicist (FRIB/NSCL) and Assistant Professor (FRIB/NSCL): The initial appointment is for a probationary period of four years. Reappointment for a second probationary period may be recommended. This second probationary period shall be three years in length.

6.3. Staff Engineer (FRIB/NSCL), Staff Physicist (FRIB/NSCL) and Associate Professor (FRIB/NSCL): The initial appointment is for one probationary period of four years. Reappointment upon successful completion of the probationary period results in the award of Continuing Status.

6.4. Senior Engineer (FRIB/NSCL) Senior Physicist (FRIB/NSCL), and Professor (FRIB/NSCL): The initial appointment may provide Continuing Status or may be probationary at the option of the Director. If probationary, the appointment period is for two to four years.

6.5. Probationary appointments in the CA System will begin on August 16 of the calendar year in which the staff member's first CA System appointment begins and will end on August 15 of the appropriate later calendar year. If any probationary period is interrupted by leaves of absence of six months or more, the probationary appointment will automatically be extended by one additional year.

6.6. In cases where an extension is not automatic, the Director may request an extension of a probationary appointment from the Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Human Resources.

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