Academic Hiring Manual

3.2 Waiver for Tenure and Continuing Positions

  1. Chairperson submits the following to the Dean:
    • CHR Approved Academic Position Request
    • Specialist Position Description (for specialists only)
    • Supporting commentary provided by Chairperson to Dean for tenure system associate and full professor positions, justifying the need for the position at this rank
    • Appointment form showing reason for waiver
  2. Materials are approved and forwarded sequentially to the Dean, the Provost, and The Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives (I3) which returns the approved materials to the Dean. The Provost approves/disapproves the position request taking into consideration, level of unit productivity, enrollment projections, staff flexibility, program needs, priorities (University and college), budget implications, placement goals, staff flexibility, and salary range. The Director/Senior Advisor for I3 approves/disapproves the waiver of posting and search procedures.
  3. Prior approval must be obtained from the Provost and President to make an offer for a position as Associate Professor with tenure. Prior approval must be obtained from the Provost to make an offer for a position as Senior Academic Specialist with continuing appointment status. Questions about these arrangements can be directed to the Associate Provost/VP for Academic Human Resources.
  4. Procedures for offers for continuing system appointments are in Item D under "Final Selection" of the Academic Hiring Procedure.
  5. Chairperson completes the following forms which are forwarded successively to the Dean and the Office of Academic Human Resources.

    Note: The required forms differ for various types of appointments. The following abbreviations are listed in front of the forms to indicate the circumstances for which the form is required.
  6. The Provost approves all actions for which he/she has been delegated authority, and forwards the remaining forms to the President for approval or for submission to the Board of Trustees for approval.

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