Academic Hiring Manual

1.5- When to Use the Academic Hiring Procedure, and When to Use a Waiver

Last updated: 1/14/2016 (details at bottom of page)

In general, academic vacancies are to be posted. However in the cases listed below, the posting and search requirements of the Academic Hiring Procedure may be waived. See Waiver of Academic Hiring Procedure for further information on waivers and procedures to be followed if the position is not to be posted.
  1. Appointment for less than two semesters (9 months), or appointment for a full year at 50% time or less
  2. Visiting faculty/academic staff. The visiting waiver is only to be used for faculty and academic staff who are visiting on a short-term basis (i.e., a year or less) and who intend to return to their home institution or agency from which they are visiting.
  3. Reappointment of fixed term faculty/academic staff
  4. Adjunct/Clinical/On-call faculty/academic staff
  5. Retired faculty/staff rehired on a fixed term basis
  6. Research Associate appointment due to emergency or jeopardy of the grant
  7. Research Associate appointment in position with highly limited availability due to specialty
  8. Research Associate appointment in position with unique circumstances that limit open candidates
  9. (no longer used)
  10. Resident/intern/fellow selected from national pool
  11. Assignment of an internal candidate to an administrative position in which the administrative duties are 50% or less of the total duties
  12. (no longer used)
  13. Shift from other appointment category
  14. (no longer used)
  15. (no longer used)
  16. Appointment necessary to recruit/retain spouse/partner
  17. Special opportunity (unique qualifications)
  18. Other cases where waivers of posting/search are appropriate


Last updated - 1/14/16 - added clarification as to the intent of waiver 2

1/09/2014 - added fellow to waiver reason 10.

6/17/2013 - changes made to waivers 2 to become Visiting waiver, 4 to become the no pay/on-call waiver, and removal of waivers 9 and 12.

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