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Open Enrollment Instructions

Benefits Open Enrollment is completed using Enterprise Business Systems (EBS) for health, dental, life and flexible spending accounts. Visit to enroll in other voluntary benefits (vision, legal, critical illness), or see the retirement enrollment guide to enroll in retirement plans.

If You Cover a Spouse or OEI Please Note:
If you cover a spouse or other eligible individual (OEI) on your benefits plan, you must complete the steps below to complete the Health Plan Affidavit  during Open Enrollment. There is not a separate Affidavit-Only option through the EBS Portal this year; you must complete the steps below to complete the Affidavit.

The following is the process for completing open enrollment:

  1. Visit and log in using your MSU NetID and password.
  2. Complete two-factor authentication. (If you have not yet registered for two-factor authentication, visit
  3. Click the My Benefits top navigation tab.
  4. Click the Open Enrollment tile.
  5. A disclaimer that explains the CDHP/HSA plans (regardless of CDHP/HSA eligibility) will appear. Please read, and then click OK to continue.
  6. You may have the Health Plan Affidavit for Spouse/OEI appear. Answer the question and click Next.
  7. The Personal Profile screen will appear. Verify Name and Address information and click Next. If information is inaccurate, follow the steps on this EBS Help page to correct the information.
  8. The Dependents screen will appear. Verify all Family Member/Dependents and click Next. If information is not listed, exit Benefits Open Enrollment and submit the Add a Family Member or Dependent form. If information is inaccurate, contact MSU Human Resources.
  9. The Benefits Summary screen will appear, which displays current coverage. For additional details about each plan, click on the plan name. When finished reviewing, click Next.
  10. Following the Benefits Summary screen, the next several screens take you through the different types of plans available to you such as health plans, Flexible Spending Accounts, and life/accident plans among others. You can choose to Add, Edit or Delete enrollment in these plans. You may also click Cancel at any time, which will exit you out of the enrollment system and all changes made will be lost.
  11. Once you are through the plans screens, you will reach the Review and Save screen, where you can add, change or remove information. Click Save.
  12. Lastly, the Final Screen will appear. Review information provided on the Benefit Elections Summary. You may wish to print this summary for your records. From here, you will have the option to click on additional links such as MSU Benefits Plus or Retirement/Health Savings Accounts.


  • After completing open enrollment, a confirmation statement will be emailed to your MSU NetID email address with your plan selections. You may access online open enrollment through the month of October to make updates or corrections as needed.
  • To print or view your current and/or future benefits participation, log into the  EBS Portal, click the  My Benefits  tab and then the  Current Benefits Participation  tile.  Find detailed instructions here.
  • The EBS Portal has specific browser and Adobe Acrobat requirements. Information on supported platforms can be found here. Review the EBS Compatibility Matrix for currently supported versions of this software, based on the installed operating system. Contact the MSU IT Service Desk at 517-884-3000 if you have system issues. 
  • Remember you cannot use your browser's back button while in EBS or your record will become locked. If this happens, log out completely and log in again.

For more resources, see our Detailed Open Enrollment Instructions.

How-To Enroll Video