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the Women's Advisory Committee for Support Staff

The Women’s Advisory Committee for Support Staff (WACSS) is a Board established organization that advises the Executive Vice President for Administrative Services about issues that primarily affect women support staff.  The committee shares perspective and works on initiatives and recommendations surrounding health and safety, MSU benefits, diversity and inclusion, support staff engagement, education, training, and more. This is a great professional development opportunity that provides one with broad exposure and knowledge of university activities and ample networking opportunities.

This is a very active and committed group that meets nine times a year, organizes the annual Spring Forum attended by over 400+ staff, engages in committee activity and research, maintains a Facebook group and website, and retains liaison with the MSU Sexual Violence Advisory Committee and other organizations.

A dedicated team of seventeen members serve on this committee and represent many employee groups including CTU, 1585, SSTU, 274, 324, APA, APSA, FOP/CAPP, Non-Union, Confidential, Nurse, and Extension.  They represent various colleges and departments including our off-campus constituents (Flint and Detroit currently).  Most of our members serve two 2-year terms beginning in July and we have five vacancies expected this coming summer. We are strongly encouraging those from CTU, 1585, SSTU, 274, 324 , FOP, Nurse, and Extension to apply. Applications are accepted through Friday, March 2. If you are interested in becoming a member, please submit an application here.

Mark your calendar for the 2018 Annual Spring Forum – scheduled for Monday, March 26, 2018 – registration information will be posted on the website soon.

WACSS has a new Facebook group! Join here - @msuwacss or visit WACSS online here.