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Extending the Reappointment/Promotion/Tenure Review Timeline (Extending the Tenure Clock)

This policy provides a mechanism for probationary faculty in the tenure system to extend their appointment end date. Some extensions are automatic (upon request), while other extension requests require review by the University Committee on Faculty Tenure (UCFT). 

The tenure system probationary appointment for the next reappointment/promotion/tenure review is extended automatically for the following reasons:

  • Leaves of absence with or without pay that are one semester to 12 months
  • Changes in appointment to 50% time or less for one year
  • Immigration/visa status that does not permit the award of tenure for candidates who have been recommended for tenure
  • An extension recommended as an outcome of a hearing and/or appeal conducted pursuant to the Faculty Grievance Policy

An extended probationary appointment also may be requested due to the birth or adoption of a child. Such requests are limited to two separate one-year extensions during the probationary period). Note: The request for an automatic one-year extension for the birth or adoption of a child must be submitted within two years of the birth/adoption, but no later than the due date for the submission to the department/school of the dossier for the next reappointment/promotion/tenure review.

Additional extensions of the probationary appointment may be requested from the UCFT for reasons related to childbirth or adoption, the care of an ill and/or disabled child, spouse, or parent; personal illness; to receive prestigious awards, fellowships, and/or special assignment opportunities; or other such serious constraints. 

The role of the UCFT is to consider whether the circumstances justify an extension of the probationary appointment as an exception to the standard procedures governing the tenure system. The UCFT, in its review of requests, is also tasked with ensuring that the proposed decisions are consistent with preservation of the integrity of the tenure system.

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