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Policy Highlight: Modified Duties

This policy provides a mechanism for tenure system or Health Programs faculty responsible for teaching to adjust to the balance of family and professional work arising when a new child(ren) enters the home. Unlike most responsibilities, teaching responsibilities are held to a rigid schedule, whereas other responsibilities (i.e., advising, research) might provide more flexibility.

Upon request, eligible faculty who have a new child(ren) in the home under the age of six and not attending school full-time may be granted modified duties. This period is not considered a leave of absence and may be granted for up to one semester without a reduction in effort and salary.

Faculty members with modified duties status will generally be relieved of in-person teaching duties but will be expected to be fully employed by fulfilling their other professional responsibilities that can be scheduled around the child's needs at a higher percentage of effort (e.g., preparation of research proposals, papers and course materials; teaching a course online instead of face-to-face; supervision of graduate student research; and academic service.)

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