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Professional Development Spotlight: IPF Promotes Continuous Learning

During the summer of 2014, elevateU was introduced to faculty and staff as a new online learning tool. One unit that has successfully adopted regular use of this valuable resource is Infrastructure, Planning and Facilities. Renee Burck, Unit Human Resources Administrator, notes that “elevateU has been an invaluable tool for IPF supervisors and employees alike. Our staff is happy to have a resource that they can access 24/7 from any computer and having this tool definitely helps with ongoing personal and professional development efforts.”

The following are some of the ways that IPF has maximized the use of elevateU:

  • Multiple live demo sessions have been held to show staff how to access and utilize elevateU.
  • Professional Development Services (PDS) worked with IPF to create folders in elevateU to help their staff easily find content most relevant to IPF goals and initiatives. Video folders were also created in the Books 24/7 segment of elevateU.
  • elevateU training is part of new supervisor onboarding at IPF, so new supervisors better understand how to use it to develop their staff and are able to educate their team on this valuable, supported resource.
  • IPF HR encouraged staff to participate in the elevateU contest held by PDS last fall, which helped to pique interest in the program.
  • elevateU is encouraged to be part of the PDP process for IPF staff, as a resource for employee development goals.
  • IPF HR sends out a weekly elevateU video recommendation to their 100+ supervisors. The videos promote continuous learning and cover a wide array of topics that every supervisor needs to know, such as how to improve accountability, manage generational differences, and increase employee engagement.

Dan Bollman, Assistant Vice President for Strategic Infrastructure Planning & Facilities, has the following to say about the program: “Sharing a weekly elevateU video recommendation with our leadership team keeps our focus on continuous learning. This effort helps engage our supervisors who, in turn, set the tone for the rest of our team to further advance a culture of high performance.” Bravo, IPF!

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