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New ALEX Virtual Leave of Absence Tool

Life happens, and there may be times you need to consider taking a leave of absence from work. Whether you're thinking of taking a leave of absence now or in the future, MSU wants to provide you the tools to help answer your questions about how and when to take a leave. That's where ALEX comes in, MSU's new virtual educational tool for all things leave of absence.

ALEX on Leave of Absence walks you through the process of taking time away from work, and provides easy-to-understand guidance for every step along the way. You'll receive personalized, confidential answers to all the questions you might have about the amount of time you're allowed to take, what you can expect in terms of pay and job security, and what you need to do when you're ready to come back to work. Whether it's a leave of absence for recovery from an illness or injury, welcoming a new child to your family, or caring for an ailing family member - ALEX has answers for you.

Meet ALEX and learn more.