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The 2017 MSU Community Charitable Campaign Kick-Off To Be Held Later This Month

On October 31, the MSU Community Charitable Cam­paign will once again hold its annual Kick-off. This year’s Campaign theme is:  BE A HERO!  

As it has since 2012, the campaign will continue to offer the university commu­nity the option of making pledges electronically. Faculty and staff will receive an email with instructions about how to use the user-friendly form that mimics the paper form, with drop-down menus and automatic acknowledgement of the pledge. MSU faculty and staff can find this form via the EBS Portal under the My Personal Information link, by clicking on the MSU CCC Pledge Form tile. However, in order to make sure everyone is able to make their pledge in a manner that suits their individual needs, the pledge form can also be found on the MSUCCC website, printed off and sent in via campus or U.S. mail in the traditional manner.

MSU as an institution is involved in teaching, research, and service throughout the world. The MSU Community Charitable Campaign provides faculty, staff, retirees, students, organized labor, and affiliate organizations with an opportunity to make a difference right here in our own community. The people MSU helps by their generous donations include our friends, neighbors, and people we see every day while living our own lives.

The campaign leadership is asking members of MSU to once again reach out to the local community by making a pledge. They believe if we have the will, the campaign will be a success! They also want to remind everyone that taken individually, each gift will help someone in need. But as part of the greater university giving effort, we have an opportunity to help make mid-Michigan a better place to live!

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