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Verifying SSN for Student Employees

MSU must verify that student employee earnings turned into the IRS are recorded under the correct social security number and name.  In an effort to save staff and student time in processing student employees for payroll, the following procedures are now in effect:

New Student Employees

  • If the new student employee has a social security card, the employee should be asked to present the social security card. The employee may show the card if it is avaliable. Hiring departments may, but are not required to, photocopy the social security card if the employee provides it. The hiring department must verify in the EBS Portal that the student's social security number and name are correct/same as on social security card.
  • You will enter the number in the EBS Portal and indicate on the form that its been verified.
  • If the new student employee has a social security number but does not have the social security card:
                                                                     5210 Perry Robinson Court, Lansing, MI 48911
    • The student must bring their duplicate social security card to the hiring department when its been received, and then fax a copy of the card to Student Employment at  2-3862. If the student does not bring their card within 3 weeks, the student's position(s) will be terminated. 

International students without Social Security Number - First time Hire at the University
The situation with international students continues to change as the federal government revises the rules governing international students. The Student Employment Office will notify departments when rules change.

  • Complete and print the "Social Security Letter for F-1 or J-1 Students" form on the OISS website. (Follow the "click here to review" link).
  • The student takes the signed "Social Security Letter for F-1 or J-1 Students" form to OISS and an OISS staff member will sign the form verifying that the student has met enrollment requirements and completed the proper paperwork for employment. (May include completing the I9.)
  • The student goes to the Social Security Administration with all required paperwork and applies for a Social Security number. International students can apply for a social security number at the Social Security Administration Office after being in the U.S. for 15 days. They cannot apply online.
  • The hiring departments completes the hire in the EBS Portal.  
  • Once the student has received their social security card, please fax a copy to Student Employment, 2-3862.


NOTE: Departments may not require a student to present their Social Security card for the purposes of filling out the I-9 UNLESS the student employee is choosing the Social Security Card as one of the verifying documents in Section 2.

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