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March 5, 2018

Subject: I-9 Updates

There are several important changes and information to be aware of related to I-9s.

  • New Changes to I-9 Form Section 3 Work Authorization Reverifications
    Effective on March 7, I-9 verifiers will begin receiving automated I-9 reverification email notices. Notices will be sent to departments based on I-9 security roles in the D6501 Security System. Notices are sent 120 days in advance of when an employee’s documents are set to expire and each subsequent 30 days. Notify the employee upon receipt of the notice. Once the employee’s work authorization has been extended, direct them to the Office of International Students and Scholars in Room 105 of the International Center to complete the reverification. If the employee no longer works at MSU, process a termination in EBS and notify HR.I9Admin@hr.msu.edu.

  • New I-9 Scam: What to Watch For
    There is a new I-9 phishing scam targeting employers. Employers are receiving fraudulent emails appearing to be from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) about employees’ I-9s. These emails are NOT valid. The emails appear authentic and come from a uscis.gov address. Do not respond to the sender or click links in the email. USCIS does not send emails to employers about their I-9s. Follow MSU reporting protocol by sending the email to abuse@msu.edu and deleting it from your inbox and trash. Read details of the scam and more from USCIS on I-9 scams.

  • New I-9 Changes on HR/Payroll Forms
    When completing HR/Payroll forms today, there is a hard stop in the system for completing the I-9. On March 7, the hard stop will be replaced with soft warning messages to allow you to complete and process the HR/Payroll form, while simultaneously completing the I-9 in Equifax. New soft warning messages:
    • New Hire Action
      “Was New Form I-9 completed in Equifax?”
      “Form I-9 is required.”
    • Rehire Action
      “Was New Form I-9 completed in Equifax?”
      “Form I-9 is required due to break in service.”
    • Change of Status/Change in Position
      "I-9 on file." or
      "I-9 not on file. Form I-9 is required – please complete an electronic I-9."
    • Reappointment
      "Verify I-9 work authorization is still valid."

    Note: There are no soft warning message for support staff hiring since these positions are not hired via an HR/Payroll form.

    Upon termination across all assignments the I-9 indicator in the HR/Payroll System will change to "I-9 not on file."

If you have questions on any of this information, contact MSU Human Resources at 517-353-4434 or SolutionsCenter@hr.msu.edu.