Google Chrome: Helpful Settings

The information below is relevant for the Enterprise Business Systems (EBS) Portal and the HR and Payroll functions within the portal.  For information on compatibility with other EBS Systems, such as Finance and Business Intelligence, see the Compatibility Matrix.

These settings are recommended to improve your experience using the EBS Portal and HR/Payroll links.  See detailed instructions below.

Delete Browser History / Clear Cache

At times it is helpful to “clear the cache’” that is, delete the history of sites saved by the browser.  To do this:

  1. Press the Control, Shift, and Delete keys together (or click the "Customize and control Google Chrome" button in the upper right, and select “History”, then “History”, then “Clear browsing data…”)
  2. For the time range to clear, select “All time
  3. Make sure the "Browing history" option is checked
  4. Then click the “CLEAR DATA” button
  5. Close the tab

Screen Resolution

A minimum screen resolution of 1200 wide and 960 high is recommended to avoid unnecessary scrolling.     


Some browsers will allow you to reuse (autocomplete) a recent field entry. In order to use autocomplete in the SAP GUI for HTML, the following settings are required:

Chrome does not support the autocomplete function.