W-4 Tax Withholding

Please be aware that changes you make to your W-4 Tax Withholding are effective upon your next payroll cycle and will not be immediately visible in the portal. Your updated values will display here once the next payroll cycle begins. The on-screen message, “Data saved successfully,” will serve as confirmation upon choosing the Save and Back button.


  1. Click the edit (pencil) graphic to make changes to Federal or Michigan Tax Withholding.
  2. The following fields can be changed:
    1. Filing Status: (Single, Married, Head of household or family)
    2. Number of allowances
    3. Additional Withholding (per pay period)
  3. Click the Declaration box.
  4. Click on Save and Back to save changes.
  5. Click on Cancel to exit the screen if no changes are made.

When complete, click Home (house), log out, or search for another application.