Printing PDF Documents

How a .pdf document is printed from the HR/Payroll sections of the EBS Portal depends on which browser is being used.  Adobe Reader is the supported .pdf viewer on Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mac Safari.  Other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox ESR and Google Chrome have their own .pdf viewers. Directions are given for each below.

The example below shows how to print an Earnings Statement.

Opening the Statement to be Printed

From the page where you preview the earning statement, click the Adobe .pdf icon in the lower right corner of the screen. It will open the earnings statement in a new tab or window.  If it does not do this, see your technical support about the pop-up blocker on the machine you are using.

Page listing earnings statements in EBS Portal

Printing the Document

What happens next depends on the browser you are using and its settings.  Each uses different way of opening .pdf documents, and each has its own print button.  Here are the most common 

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer should be set to use Adobe Reader as the .pdf viewer. Hover over the bottom of the screen, and this toolbar will appear.

Print icon in Internet Explorer

Alternatively, the F8 key on the keyboard shows the Adobe Toolbar at the top of the document window.

Print icon on Adobe Reader toolbar

Microsoft Edge

In Microsoft Edge, clicking on the document will open a toolbar. The print icon is at the top right of the screen.

Earnings Statement

Some applications, however, like the Time Statment and Benefits Statement will not show this option. For these applications, right-mouse click on the item, and choose "Save as." After saving it, you can open the document and print it in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Benefits Confirmation Statement

Time Statemeent

Google Chrome

Hovering over the document near the top right corner makes the toolbar appear, containing the print icon.

Print icon on Google Chrome 

Mozilla Firefox ESR

Hovering over the document near the top right corner makes the toolbar appear, containing the print icon.

 Print icon on Firefox ESR


Mac Safari, if set for Adobe Reader, works much like Internet Explorer above.
You may need to click an icon at the bottom to open the document in a new Adobe Reader window in order to print it.