Occasionally the links available in the EBS Portal change as systems change or are added to the suite of Enterprise Business Systems.  The many links available related to Human Resources or Payroll change periodically as well. The EBS Portal will notify when these changes occur.

Option #1: When Prompted by EBS Portal

Upon logging in to the EBS portal may present a message box notifying of any new, updated, or removed links. The options are to:

  • Update Now, which brings in any changes (recommended)
  • Don’t Update, allows changes to be brought in later
  • Show tiles that will change, presents a lists of which links are new, updated, or removed

Option #2: Manually Check for Updates

If "Don’t Update" was chosen when prompted by the portal, updated links can be checked for manually at a later time.  To do this:

  1. Click the Options menu in the upper right hand corner of the portal.
  2. Choose the "Check for Updates" option.

This will present the same message box as when the portal prompts about a change.


Watch the video instead. (1 minute, 24 seconds)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Why don’t changes to links just show up as before?

The EBS Portal now gives the ability to personalize the home page. Changes made through personalization need to be merged with changes to the standard screen layout, including changes to links. This feature gives the opportunity to review the impact of those changes.