Time Entries - Classic Accessibility Mode

Accessibility Notes:

This page has two sections called groups.  They are the calendar and the timesheet. 

By default, when entering this page, NVDA will be in forms mode.

In this mode, you will hear “Pers. Ass.” read, which means Personnel Assignment.  Some employees hold multiple positions so this indicates for which position the information is being entered.

Calendar Group

The calendar group has three monthly calendars listed, with the current month being the last.  Monthly calendars are laid out with one week per row.

Selecting a value in this calendar will adjust the timesheet section of the page to that week.  However, this can also be done in the timesheet itself.

When you hear a month announced, the tab key will take you to the first week of the month, which are

numbered sequentially throughout the year. Down and up arrow keys allow you to scroll through the weeks of the month. The right arrow key will take you into the calendar where all four arrow keys allow you to navigate days in the calendar.

Timesheet Group

The timesheet group will by default load the current week. This can be changed by typing a date into the “Week From” date field in the format of month, day, year (mm/dd/yyyy), then selecting the “Go to Date” button. There is no confirmation when the screen updates, but you will hear the dates read when you enter the timesheet table to enter your time.

If you use the arrow keys to navigate the timesheet table, you will find that NVDA often enters and leaves forms mode depending on if the field is read-only or editable.


By leaving forms mode using the NVDA key and spacebar, you can use the NVDA key and F7 key to call up the Elements list.  From here, in the links list, you can activate the Save key.

Forms Mode

Forms mode is necessary to complete this form.  However, leaving forms mode will allow additional navigation options.