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Search Employee Processes

Report that can be searched by process type, initiator, status, processor involved, reference number, start date, end date and step status.


  1. Choose Object Type.
  2. Enter Object ID.
  3. Click Start.
  4. Select the line of the Available Object.
  5. Click Include Objects.
  6. To narrow report results enter Process.
  7. Click Start.

After completion or review of variations click the house to return home, log out if finished or use the search to find another application. 


  • Step 1, choose Organizational Unit is selected for Object type, enter Organizational Unit number for Object ID.
  • Step 1, choose Person is selected for Object type, enter name or pernr for employee.
  • Step 1, choose Position is selected for Object type, enter Position number for Object Id.
  • Step 6, Enter Process Status.
  • Step 6, Enter Started By.
  • Step 6 Enter Involved Processor.