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Personal Profile

My Information View or Edit Personal Profile

Personal Information contains personal information related to you and your employment.  For example, you may:

  • Edit mailing addresses; personal, local, temporary, etc.
  • Update emergency contact information
  • Maintain personal data items such as Legal name, Professional name, Also Known As name, etc.
  • Maintain additional communication details such as personal or professional web sites, alternate email addresses, cell phone number, etc. 

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Bank Information

In this area you may view or edit your bank information. 

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Edit Bank Information

  1. Click the pencil
  2. Complete the available fields
  3. Click  Save and Back 

W4 Tax Withholding Data

In this area you may view or edit your withholdings information. 

W4 Federal and State

W4 Local Tax

E dit W4 Tax Withholding Data Information

  1. Click the pencil
  2. Complete the available fields
  3. Click  Save and Back


Current Address displays.

  • Your Permanent residence address is required to be on file.   You can make changes to this address by selecting the pencil, but cannot delete it.

Note:  Student employees, Graduate Assistants, Undergraduate Assistants, and Professorial Assistants must submit a form to update their address information through the  Office of the Registrar.

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Add an Address

  • Select Add button and the type of address:
      • Permanent Residence
      • Other Address
      • Mailing address 

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You have the option to:

  • Restrict an address and/or phone number from publication
  • Enter an address to be:
    • Valid as of Today (today’s’ date)
    • Valid from ( future date)
    • Valid From/To (specified period of time)   

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Contact Information

Your MSUnetID, e-mail, and other business e-mail displays.

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Add Contact Information

  • Select the Add button then select communication type to add.  Changes made are effective immediately.

Please note:  Other Business Email (other than MSU) will be published on the MSU People Search.

Personal Information

Edit Personal Information

To edit select the pencil. Changes made are effective immediately.  You may need to contact your unit administrator for changes to some of this information.  Options include:

  • Legal Name (first and last required)
  • Also Known As Name (optional)
  • Professional Name (format and display)
  • Personal Data (date of birth and social security number required).

Edit personal information


Please note:  Your earning statements will only display your legal name. 

Edit Professional Name

Note:  If you have a legal name change, please contact Human Resources.

From the  Professional Name Format  field select the dropdown arrow and selecting the correct Professional Name format.


Emergency Contact

Your Emergency Contact displays.

Add Emergency Contact

  • Select  Add  button. Changes made are effective immediately.

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Benefits Service Information

In this area you may view Accumulated Full Time Equivalent Service Months, date vested for retirement benefits. 

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Date Specifications

In this area you may view Benefit Eligibility, Longevity Calculation date, and LTD Eligibility.  

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Salary Data

In this area you may view salary data.  

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Family Members/Dependents

In this area you may view a comprehensive list of all dependents/beneficiaries you have. 

Note:  Individuals listed is not an indication of their benefit enrollment status.

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Race and Ethnicity

In this area you may view your race and ethnicity information. 

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Veteran and Disability Status

This is a survey conducted by the university, for its affirmative action program. Participation is voluntary. Identify yourself as a veteran and/or a person with a disability.

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Edit Veteran and Disability Status

To edit select the pencil.

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