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EBS Portal Timeout

The EBS Portal only allows for 30 minutes of inactivity before automatically logging you out. "Inactivity" means that either:

  • The portal tiles have not been clicked for 30 minutes
  • No information was submitted or saved in the HR/Payroll tiles

The portal now forwards itself to the Sentinel logoff page, alerting you that your time has ended. From the Sentinel log off page, you can quickly log back into the EBS Portal by selecting "Return to the Login page"; you will automatically be logged back in if your Sentinel session is still active.

The timeout is a security measure that has been in place since 2011. However, people didn't know when they had timed out, and continued to submit work that wasn't saved because their session expired, or received an odd login popup box that didn't work with the MSU NetID.

Please note that this does not impact the timeout of other systems you may have gotten to through the EBS Portal, such as the Financial System and Business Intelligence & Analytics. Your session in those systems, as well as the Sentinel session, have their own timeout features.