New Features

Selecting the person icon (Person Options icon) opens a panel on the left side of the screen. Here are the same personalization features found under "Options" before, plus several new features.

Recent and Frequent Tiles

The EBS Portal will now track your Recent Activity and Frequently Used tiles.

  • Recent Activity - Up to 30 tiles you've used in the past five days in chronological order.
  • Frequently Used - Up to 30 tiles you've used most in the past 30 working days.

You can "Clear my history" in the User Activities section, under "Settings."

(Many tiles under "My Benefits" will appear in these lists as "Benefits App." This issue is expected to be resolved in the future.)

Control of the Home Page

You now have the control to show all tiles for all Groups, or show only the tiles for the Tile Group you have chosen. It is under the "Home Page" section of "Settings."

Additionally, employees working remotely on slow internet connections can reduce the amount of animation in the EBS Portal. In the "Appearance" section of "Options" look for "Display Settings."

More Assistance for Visually-Impaired

Two additional high-contrast themes "SAP High Contrast Black" and "SAP High Contrast White" are available in the "Appearance" section of "Settings." After changing the theme, please refresh or reload your browser (try the F5 key on the keyboard).

Employees and retirees who use a screen reader (ONLY) can "Turn on Accessibility" in the "Accessibility" section of "Settings." If you don't use a screen reader, please do NOT use this feature. Turning on this feature may require the use of the SAP GUI for Windows for some tiles.