Known Issues

We are waiting for the vendor of the EBS Portal to fix the following issues.

Home and Back Buttons

If you are logged into the EBS Portal for an extended period of time,  you may find the Home and Back buttons in the portal header stop working.

What do I do? If this happens:

  • Backwards navigation is possible in the dropdown in the portal headerHeader bar dropdown for navigation home
  • Alternatively, start a new session by signing out then logging in again

HR Form Double-Headers

HR Forms have two rows of headers: one for the window, and one for the application. The second row header is accurate, but the first is not. We are working with the vendor to resolve this. Affected applications are:

  • HR Forms under the tile "HR/Payroll Forms & Cost Redistributions
  • Academic Position Request
  • Post Support Staff Position

What do I do? Pay attention to either the second header or the map stepping you through the applicationscreenshot of double headers on forms

Supervisor Reports have Intermittent Errors

The four reports below under "Supervisor Tools" will intermittently produce an error.

  • Employee Data Report
  • FMLA Balance & Usage
  • Quota Balance Summary
  • Quota Usage Detail

What do I do? Generally, attempting to run the report again will work. You might also try a different browser.

Additional Payment Form and Mac Safari

The Additional Payment form (located under HR\Payroll Forms & Cost Redistributions) does not work in Mac Safari. Please use another browser.