The Enterprise Business Systems (EBS) Portal will be unavailable due to maintenance and updates:

5:00 PM Friday, September 13 through 7:00 AM Monday, September 16


With these updates, a few changes will come to the EBS Portal.

New Features

The updated portal brings a number of new features:

  • Save Draft - Currently, the browser window has to be closed for a draft to actually save. With this update, the "save draft" button will saves the draft in the same browser window.
  • Links and Tiles - All navigation on the landing page shows as a tile. Through personalization, you now have the ability to change these to links, which appear below the tiles in the same group, and take less space.
    NOTE: we do not recommend changing a tile to a link if it has a counter on it, like the HR/Payroll Inbox. 
  • Quick Navigation - The header of the landing page now has a dropdown showing all applications to which you have access. This is a quick alternative to navigating the groups and tiles in the EBS Portal.
  • One Window - All HR and Payroll applications will now open in the same browser window (also known as "in-place"). This will prevent the locking of data. As before, additional windows can be opened by right-mouse clicking on a tile, and choosing "Open in a new tab" or "Open in a new window." While you are in an application, you can also right-mouse click on the Home icon at top and open a new tab or window.
  • Action List - The Action List for finance and other Kuali systems will have a counter on it indicating if there are items awaiting your approval.
  • Accessibility - Users of screen readers will no longer be required to install the SAP GUI for Windows add-in on their machines. Those applications are now completely web-based.

What do I have to do?

The portal will be moved to a new server, and any settings you have changed in the "Me Area" (the icon at the top of the page where you log off), will not be preserved. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it will not be possible to recreate this effort for you. You will have to reset any personalization and settings.


Hiding and rearranging groups, hiding tiles within group, creating new groups, and the My Home group will all have to be redone. 


The following settings will not be preserved, and you will have to reset them.

  • Choice of a high contrast theme
  • Choosing to view one group at a time on the landing page
  • Tracking of recent activity and frequently used applications

Note that the "Accessibility" setting, which provides additional information to people who use screen readers, will be preserved. If the setting is missing for any reason, the updated portal will inform people who use screen readers how to set the flag.