Changes to Applications

Greater Standardization


Buttons which indicate you are finished with a page (for example: Next, Previous, Save, Cancel) have been moved to the lower right of the screen in more applications.


Messages that confirm your success, warn you of a problem, or provide you information are now at the bottom of the screen in most HR/Payroll applications.

Personal Value Lists

Many applications allow for the use of Personal Value Lists. While those continue to be used, the vendor has removed that feature from some applications: 

  • HR Forms Workflow Report
  • Advanced Search fields in:
    • Edit Business Address (Unit Administrators)
    • Work Schedule Change Request (Supervisors, Unit Administrators, Unit Time Administrators)
  • HR/Payroll Forms (Unit Administrators), fields such as:
    • Organizational Unit
    • Supervisor
    • Location ID
    • Fund
    • Order
    • Functional Area Code

HR Forms Workflow Report

The layout of the HR Forms Workflow Report has changed. 

  • Each filter now has a single field
  • Additional filters are presented

Criteria can still be marked as "exclude" by going into the criterion's help look-up (screenshot of icon to help lookup or F4 key)

Variants can still be saved and are available in the upper left as before. screenshot of how to exclude a criterion

New layout

HR Forms Workflow Report Revised

Prior layout

HR Forms Workflow Report prior version