Life Insurance Beneficiaries

PROBLEM? Receive a blank screen in the EBS Portal?  Navigate back to the EBS Portal home and click the tile again. (It will load the second time; this is a temporary issue).

Personal Profile

  1. Verify Name and Address displayed on Personal Profile screen is accurate.
      1. If information is inaccurate, contact MSU Human Resources at 517-353-4434 or
  2. Click Next to continue to next screen. 

Benefits Summary

Benefit Summary appears with view only enrollment of current plans.  This is informational only. 

  1. Click Next to continue to next screen. 

Life/Accident Plans

  1. Click Edit (pencil) to add or change beneficiary information.
  2. Repeat for each plan desired.
  3. Click Next

Review and Save

  1. Review information provided regarding inactive plans, unchanged active plans, plans to be Added and/or Active Plans to be removed to validate enrollment is as expected.
  2. Click Save.
      1. Optionally, navigate to  previous screen to make any changes prior to clicking save. 

Final Screen

  1. Review information provided on Benefit Elections Summary
  2. Review Benefit Confirmation Statement that has been emailed.
      1. Optionally, click on Print Benefit Elections Summary to view Benefit Confirmation Statement.
      2. Optionally, click on Restart Enrollment to go back through enrollment and make any changes.
      3. Optionally, click on Go to Participation Overview to view a current benefit participation overview.
      4. Optionally, click on MSU Benefits Plus to enroll in non-MSU administered voluntary employee-paid benefit programs offered through payroll deduction.
      5. Optionally, click on Personal Profile to make changes to address.
      6. Optionally, click on Retirement/Health Spending Account to make enroll and/or make changes retirement plans.

When complete, click Home (house), log out, or search for another application.


How do I navigate through enrollment?

Enrollment uses what we call road map technology and walks employees through step by step. You may navigate through enrollment by clicking the Next and Previous buttons at the top of the screen or clicking directly on the screen number desired.

My Name is listed incorrectly.  How do I update this information?

If your name is inaccurate, contact MSU Human Resources at 517-353-4434 or

My Address is listed incorrectly.  How do I update this information?

If your address is inaccurate, contact MSU Human Resources at 517-353-4434 or or update via your Personal Profile upon completion of enrollment.

I am currently enrolled in a plan that is not shown on my benefit summary, why?

Enrollment on the benefit summary screen is as of the date of the event. If completing Open Enrollment, the enrollment information is defaulting as of the new plan year beginning January 1st. If completing enrollment based on a life event, the enrollment information displayed is as of the start of the life event. Also keep in mind that only plans that pertain to this event will be displayed. Enrollment for all MSU administered plans can be viewed in your Current Benefit Participation.

What does Inactive Plans mean?

Inactive plans are plans that an employee is eligible for but are not enrolled in.