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HR Forms Workflow Activity Report

In the HR Payroll system, forms are submitted into workflow and routed to approvers through the HR-Payroll Inbox.  The HR Forms Report is used to track and monitor forms through the approval process. 

The report allows Unit Administrators to see several key pieces of workflow information: 

  • A list of all forms submitted into workflow.
  • A current location and status of each form.
  • The entire workflow route of the form from beginning to end.
  • A list of all organizational units involved in the approval process.
  • The individual approvers for each step in the approval process.
  • The contact information for each approver. 

The report maintains data confidentiality. Users outside of the MSU Human Resource Office can track any form, however they can only open and view information contained on the form if they initiated or took action (approve, rejected, withdrew) on the form.

Using the Report 


To use the HR Forms Workflow Activity Report:

  1. Select the Application.
      1. Personnel Administration – Includes only forms that take action on a person/employee, such as hiring, appointment, change of status, and termination forms. This application includes all forms except the following:
          • Change Faculty/Academic Staff Position
          • Create Faculty/Academic Staff Position
          • Change Support Staff Position
          • Create Support Staff Position
      2. Personnel Development - Includes only forms that take action on organizational management or create or change positions. This application only includes the following forms:
          • Change Faculty/Academic Staff Position
          • Create Faculty/Academic Staff Position
          • Change Support Staff Position
          • Create Support Staff Position
  2. Enter Process Selection criteria.
      1. Process Reference Number: Search for a single form. Every submitted form receives a unique process reference number. Enter that number in this field to locate only that specific form. The preceding zeroes are not needed.     start process
          • Draft
          • Started
          • Completed
          • Withdrawn
      2. Process: Select and search on a specific process. The process name is the same as the name of the form. The image to the right shows a listing of available processes that can be selected for this field.
          • This lookup provides a listing of all processes regardless of the application selected. Remember that the report is driven by application. For example, if the Personnel Administration application was selected but the chosen process was Change Academic Faculty/Staff Position, the report would yield no results because a change to a position is not a Personnel Administration application. process name
      3. Process Initiator: Search for a process by initiator. Enter the MSU NetID of an HR-Payroll system user to view processes they have submitted. This allows you to see if another user has initiated a process. To maintain confidentiality the actual form can only be viewed from the report if you initiated or took action on it.
      4. Process Status: Search for forms by status. Use the lookup to select a process status. Currently, there are more processes statuses available than are used. The only four processes that can be selected are:
        • Draft
        • Started (In Process)
        • Completed
        • Withdrawn (Canceled)
      5. Process Start Date: Determines the period of time to be searched and based on initiation date of the work item. By default, the date range is from 01/01/1800 to 12/31/9999. Change this want to limit results to a specific period of time, such as processes that were initiated and submitted last week.
      6. Personnel Number: Search for processes on a particular person by using the assignment number (personnel number). Available only when the Personnel Administration application is selected. Note:  Searching by personnel number will not provide all work items processed on the particular individual.
      7. Object Type: (Personnel Development only; not pictured) Search for forms that apply to only a certain object type, typically an organizational unit. Enter “O” to search by organizational unit.
      8. Object Key: (Personnel Development only; not pictured) If an object type is selected, then this field is required. If object type “O” is entered, enter the Organization Unit number here.
      9. Processor: Search by processor/approver. Enter the MSU NetID of an approver to view forms for which that person was a processor in workflow. Note: This does mean that person processed a particular form, just that they could have approved/rejected a form in workflow. You can use this field to narrow results to forms applicable to your unit. 
      10. The Output Selection area contains two checkboxes that provide additional options for Personnel Administration forms only:
          • Get Effective Date: Forces the report to display the effective date of the action. Selecting this option increases the runtime of the report.
          • Get Hire Employee Names: Forces the report to include and display names on new hire forms. By default, the report does not list the names of new hires because they are not yet in the employee database. Selecting this option increases the runtime of the report. When using this option, be sure to also apply other filter criteria such as initiator and date range to render the report more quickly.
  3. Click submit submitto execute the report.

Report Results

Once the report is executed, the report results are displayed. If a form encounters an error during workflow, it appears here in red. The HR Workflow Administrator will contact the initiator to resolve the issue. If there is no error, the Error Description column is blank.


In addition to the summary information on the opening screen of the report, you can view each individual step in the approval process for a process/form on the report using the Process Step Details button. The detailed steps for the highlighted process are displayed beneath the report in the Process Step Details section. This section displays whether or not a from has been approved or rejected. 

step details

  1. Approvers: Select a step and click this button to view the approvers for the highlighted step in workflow. For steps that have not been completed, it shows who has permission to approve the form at that step. For steps that have been completed, it shows the approver’s name.
  2. Forms: Select a step in and click this button to view the PDF of the form at that particular step in workflow.  Note:  You can only view the PDF if you initiated or took action on the form.
  3. Approving Orgs: Click this button to open a window that shows all the organizations involved in the approval process. Central HR does not appear as an approving org, but remember that the majority of forms need Central HR approval before the process is completed if it is not withdrawn or rejected.
  4. Withdraw Process: Select this button to withdraw a form that has not been completed in workflow. If the step status is “Available for Processing” or “Awaiting Central HR Approval”, the form can be withdrawn. 

Below are descriptions of the columns in the Process Step Details area, from left to right.

  • Step Name: The process name from the report along with the particular approval step in workflow.
  • Step Status: Indicates what happened at each step. Some of the available step statuses include:
    1. Process Initiated: The initiator submitted the form into workflow.
    2. Approved by Dept/Fund: The department or fund approver approved the form.
    3. Implied Approval: The approver is a primary approver for this org unit and level, and had previously approved the form.
  • Awaiting Central HR Approval: The form is waiting for final approval from Central HR. 

Note on Step Status for Graduate Assistant Processes: The order in which Graduate Assistant forms are processed by Central HR is determined by the assignment begin date, to help prioritize Central HR approvals. After all departmental approvals have taken place, the system places any forms with an assignment begin date more than 60 days out into a holding tank. Within 60 days of the assignment begin date, the system brings the form out of the holding tank and places it for Central HR approval. The step status for a Graduate Assistant form will not display Awaiting Central HR Approval unless the current date is within 60 days of the Graduate Assistant assignment begin date. You can expect Graduate Assistant forms to be processed by Central HR within a reasonable amount of time before the actual assignment start date.

  • Processor: The MSU NetID of the person that took action.
  • Approver Level: The approval level for organizational unit in workflow. Central HR and initiator are identified as approver level 00.
  • Approving Organization Unit: Initiators and Central HR are identified with an org unit of 00000000.
  • Approving Organization Unit Description: The full name of the approving organization.
  • First and Last Name of the approver.
  • Approver Email ID: The work email address of the person that took action.
  • Approver Phone Number: The work phone number of the person that took action.
  • Start Date: The date the action was started. For an initiator, this is the date the form was submitted or saved as a draft. For an approver, this is the date they received the work item in their inbox.
  • Start Time: The time of day the action was started.
  • End Date: The date the action was completed. Compare this to the start date to see how much time an approver spent processing the form.
  • FWD to Expert: Indicates if the form was forwarded to an expert during a particular step.