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hr forms workflow report

This Report is used to track and monitor forms through the approval process.


  1. Choose  Personnel Administration  from the Application field.
  2. In the Process Selection section, enter relevant search criteria, such as the  Process Reference Number.
  3. Select  Additional data  to be included in the output if applicable.
  4. Click  Submit.
  5. Select a  Form or Process, from the Process Details section, to highlight the workflow item.
  6. Click to  highlight  applicable process.
  7. Click  Process Step Details  to view each step in the approval process.
  8. Click Process Step Details.process step details
  9. If you have initiated or approved an item, select a step in the approval process then click  Forms  to view a PDF version of workflow item. 


After completion or review of variations click the house to return home, log out if finished or use the search to find another application.


  • At step 1, choose  Personnel Development  from the Application field to view forms that create or change positions.


What is the Process field used for?

The Process is the same as the name of the form.

Where can I see summer forms submitted into workflow prior to 2014?

Contact Solutions Center for assistance in retrieving this information.

What is the Process Reference Number?

This is the number generated on the actual form after it is submitted into workflow.

What if I don’t know my reference number?

You can use the other search fields such as “Process Initiator” and “Process” to locate the work item.

What is the “Processor” field used for?

The Processor is anyone who took action upon the form throughout the workflow routing process.  Use the lookup to search by name.

What is the Personnel Number field used for?

The Personnel Number is the assignment number for the employee.  You can use the lookup to search for the particular assignment.  The results will retrieve any work item that was processed on that particular Personnel Number (assignment number).   Note:  This will not retrieve all forms/processes for the individual.

Why is the report taking so long to run?

This may be due to the search criteria used.  Try adjusting the date fields to smaller time frame instead of 01/01/1800 to 12/31/9999. Also, fill out the Process Initiator and/or Process fields.  This will help narrow the search results and increase processing time.

Messages and Errors

  • If a form encounters an error during workflow, it appears in red.  Contact Solutions Center. 

Extended Reference Guide