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  1. Click Excel   Excel button
  2. Select Excel (in Office 2007 XLSX Format)
    Select Spreadsheet dialog
  3. Click Green Check Green Check
  4. Enter File Name
  5. Click Choose
    Save dialog box
  6. Click OK
    Informaiton Dialog

Open / Save File

Internet Explorer 11

Click Open

Internet Explorer dialog box

Google Chrome

Click on file in lower left corner

Google Chrome screen showing downloads in the information bar

Microsoft Edge

Click Save

Edge Save Dialog

Click Open

Edge Open Dialog

Mozilla Firefox

Click OK

Firefox Dialog Screen

Mac Safari

The file will be in the Download folder on a Mac.  Note that a new, blank tab or window may open that needs to be closed.


Reports related to time entries have a layout applied by default that does not download well. Follow these steps to make the dowloaded information easier to manipulate in MS Excel.

Prior to Step 1:

  1. Click Choose Layout
    Layout Button Options
  2. Choose /EXCEL
    Choose layout dialog
  3. Click Green Check Green check