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Health Programs Faculty Appointment System Handbook

The Health Programs Faculty Handbook is also available as a single downloadable PDF.

I. Introduction

II. Health Programs Faculty Appointments

III. Roles of Health Programs Faculty

A. Patient Care Service

B. Clinical and Preclinical Teaching

C. Scholarly Productivity and Research

D. Institutional Services

E. Other Faculty Roles

IV. Criteria for Establishing Health Programs Faculty Positions

V. Credentials and Licensure/Certification

VI. Appointment, Evaluation, Reappointment and Promotion

A. Appointment Procedure

B. Annual Evaluation

C. Review for Reappointment

D. Decisions Not to Recommend Reappointment

E. Promotion

VII. Guidelines for Academic Unit Peer Review Committee Composition

VIII. Movement from HP Faculty Appointment System to Tenure System

IX. Faculty Status, Salary and Appointment Basis of Health Programs (HP) Faculty Members Who Assume Administrative Responsibilities.

A.Faculty Status.

B. Salary and Appointment Basis

C. Performance of Faculty Duties

D. Criteria and Procedures for Reappointment and Promotion

X. Dismissal and Discipline of HP Faculty Members

XI. Professional Development Leave


B.Length and Salary of Professional Development Leave

C.Professional Development Leaves for Administrators

XII. Leaves of Absence

XIII. Course Fee Courtesy

XIV. Retirement and Benefit Programs

A.Retirement Programs

B. Other Benefit Programs

XV. Amendment Procedures

XVI. The Role of Practice Plans

XVII. Record of Ratification and Amendments


The effective date of this revision is December 1, 2012.

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