Performance Excellence Annual Evaluation Analysis - HRP991

Business Purpose

The Performance Excellence Annual Evaluation Analysis (HRP 991) provides a dashboard view of university statistics related to annual performance reviews and ratings, with the ability to drill down to related data for a specific MAU, organization or department. The information can be used to help manage the Performance Excellence process in an organization, and to benchmark progress against the university and other MAUs and departments.

Access and Location

Users must be assigned the HR Payroll Reporting Administrator role via e-ARM, with the appropriate organization codes indicated for access.

The HRP 991 Performance Excellence Annual Evaluation Analysis report can be found by following the navigation path: HR-Payroll Folder > University HR-Payroll Reports > HR Unit Reporting Admin and Manager Self Service Reports > HR Unit Reporting Administrator Reports > Performance Excellence Annual Evaluation Analysis


Each report page has a link to access help documentation related to the specific report page. 

HRP991 help link

For general information on how to use Enterprise Business System (EBS) Business Intelligence reports (scheduling reports, exporting to excel, etc.), please visit the Data Services Training page.